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LiftSeat introduces a new independent care solution for assisting with the frequent task of toileting – the LiftSeat™ 300 Independence toilet lift.

Supporting residents with this repetitive, biomechanically challenging activity of daily living (ADL) requires frequent assistance from family members and other caregivers, and places both caregiver and resident at-risk for injury. When installed in the bathroom, LiftSeat virtually eliminates the risk of injury related to this personal task while restoring independence and dignity.


For ambulatory residents who require only minimal toileting assistance, LiftSeat makes it possible for them to qualify as "modified independent" for the ADL. For residents who need moderate or maximum assistance, LiftSeat enables a single caregiver to assist safely and efficiently while reducing the risk of injury to all.

LiftSeat helps residents remain in independent living facilities longer by providing a safe, effective support alternative to manual lifting.
LiftSeat Independent Care Benefits
  • LiftSeat helps create a safer environment for residents and caregivers.
  • LiftTek™ Core Assistive Technology virtually eliminates the risk of falls or injury to both residents and the people who care for them by delivering the support required during the sit-to-stand (STS) motion path.
  • LiftSeat is easy to use with built-in controls that work with the touch of a thumb and an optional handheld controller for caregivers.
  • Installation is simple, secure and safe. LiftSeat fits over existing toilets and works in virtually any bathroom environment without modification.
  • LiftSeat creates revenue opportunities for facilities by adding value to premium suites, retaining existing residents, making units more marketable, and supporting rental programs.



  For Residents
Independence, Dignity and Safety
More than 15 million Americans suffer from conditions that compromise their strength and ability to get on and off the toilet. Many of these are ambulatory and semi-ambulatory residents living in minimal assist independent living facilities or at home who would be able to use the toilet safely on their own if a LiftSeat was installed in their bathroom. LiftSeat can delay the escalation of a resident’s care costs by eliminating the need for assistance with the ADL of toileting.
For Caregivers and Family Members
Safe, Effective Assistance
Caregivers in independent living and home environments are often spouses who may not be strong enough or have sufficient training to safely support someone who needs help with toileting. LiftSeat virtually eliminates the risk of toilet-related assistance injuries by delivering the support required during the sit-to-stand (STS) motion path. This support results in reliable residence assistance and offers family members the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved one is being helped by a safe, dignified toileting solution.

For Independent Living Facilities and Retailers
Innovation, Support and Success
LiftSeat delivers an advanced toileting solution that meets a critical and growing market need. This need has been recognized by CMS, who has created a new HCPCS Code (E-0172) for a seat lift mechanism placed over a toilet. The 3rd party insurance industry is now reimbursing for this HCPCS code. Backing the LiftSeat product is the LiftSeat Business Partner program which combines a wide range of sales and marketing tools with fast, reliable support and an attractive pricing model – all designed to help retailers and facilities win in the marketplace.




The Lift Seat Series 300

The Lift Seat Series 300

Remote Hand Pendant:
Remote Hand Pendant

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